Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beware Tesco Are Cheating (Malaysia)

I wish to pass the attachment as I have also experienced similar 'problems' at Tesco as well as Giant in Klang.

When I pointed out to the payment counter clerk that the price she 'punched' was not as advertised, she said that it was registered in her code and following a discussion her officer requested me to pay first and make my claim at the 'customer counter'.

I spent about an hour and got my 'change' of about RM42.00!! Eleven out of 24 items were 'overcharged'.

The above was at Tesco Klang and I have spoken to the Manager concerned...... possibly I will resort to some serious action the next time around!

Please observe what is 'punched', because you too cud be taken for a 'ride'.

It is okay with me (as I am a pensoner and have 'all the time in the world', I cud afford to hang around that long at the Supermarket) but please keep an eye at the machine and inform the clerk immediately you find that the price is not correct as displayed.

Regards N. Rajas

Subject: Beware: Tesco are cheats

Hi Friends!

Just wanted to share my experience at the Tesco store today with the hope that all of you do not fall prey to their cheating scam!

My wife and I went to shop for some groceries at the Bukit Tinggi Tesco

just now and it included two Philips 5 watt energy saver bulbs. The shelf price showed RM16.90 each but when we went to pay for the item at the counter, we were billed RM18.

When I enquired about the price difference the cashier told me that she was just following the bar code. I was not satisfied and told her to get someone to verify the actual price.

A male staff then took the bulb from me and took a long time to return. I then went back to the shelf but he was nowhere around however I noticed that the RM16.90 was partly ripped off.

After 15 minutes the Malay chap returned that the price was wrongly displayed and the actual price was RM18 and not RM16.90 as displayed on the shelf.

I was not happy with the explaination and sought verification from a supervisor who told me that one of their staff made a mistake in displaying the correct price tag.

She insisted the correct price was RM18. I told her it is illogical for a 8 watt bulb of similar brand to cost RM17.90 while the lower 5watt bulb should be priced higher at RM18!

At first I insisted on a refund but they said since we used credit card, they can only refund after two weeks. Anyway, I thought it is better for me to keep the receipt and the bulbs as prove for my official complaint with Tesco and the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry and a police report againt the store for cheating.

The amount I lost may not be high but I think the practice of hoodwinking shoppers by having a low price at the display and end up with a higher price at the counter is definitely unacceptable. The reason I am taking the trouble of sending this e-mail to all of you is because I remember getting a complaint from a lady that a similar thing happened at a smaller supermarket in Klang two years ago.

I advised the lady to make a police report but she told she preferred e-mailing her friends about the incident so that people would not shop there anymore. Alas, two years later the supermarket is now closed as more and more people shunned it after coming to know of their dubious practice of deceiving unsuspecting shoppers.

Come to think of it, how many of us take the trouble to stand near the cash register and compare the price listed on the shelf and the price that appears on the bill. We hardly do so because we usually buying a lot of stuff and just cannot wait to come off from the counter.

This is a new price gimmick to make some extra money from the shoppers. I recall several years ago supermarkets would have price tags on each and every item but nowadays they are taking the easy way out by having the price listed on the shelf only thus relying fully on the bar code to show the price.

I think I have said enough, I just hope the other supermarkets are not doing the same thing but I for one can testify that Tesco is doing it. I regret having shopped several thousand ringgit at this place for the last six months or so but I am sure after reading this mail you people would be more careful.

Send this mail to family members and friends so that they are not duped by unscrupulous supermarkets like Tesco.

As consumers we should unite and put stores like this out of business.


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