Monday, August 28, 2006

Do not lick envelopes!

I used to work for an envelope company. Our plant supervisor used to
work in the Chicago plant and told us not to lick the envelopes
because they would often find dead rats at the bottom of the glue
barrel (after thousands of envelopes had been glued and shipped).
I work in a factory and we have 2 employees who used to work in an
envelope factory. They told me that when the machine jams up, they
use whatever water is handy to thin out the glue. This includes water
that they just mopped the floor with. Since then, I've avoided
licking envelopes...
1.) If you lick your envelopes... You won't anymore!!! A woman was
working in a post office in California. One day she licked the
envelopes and postage stamps instead of using a sponge. That very day
the lady cut her tongue on the envelope. A week later, she noticed an
abnormal swelling of her tongue.
She went to the doctor, but they found nothing wrong. Her tongue was
not sore or anything. A couple of days later, her tongue started to
swell more, and it began to get so sore, that she could not eat.
She went back to the hospital, and demanded something be done. The
doctor took an x-ray of her tongue and noticed a lump. He prepared
her for minor surgery. When the doctor cut her tongue open, a live
cockroach crawled out!!!! There were roach eggs on the seal of the
envelope. The egg was able to hatch inside of her tongue, because of
her saliva. It was warm and moist...
This is a true story reported on CNN.
2.) Andy Hume wrote: "Hey, I used to work in an envelope factory. You
wouldn't believe the things that float around in those gum applicator
trays. I haven't licked an envelope for years!"
3.) To All: I used to work for a print shop (32 years ago) and we
were told NEVER to lick the envelopes. I never understood why until I
had to go into storage and pull out 2500 envelops that were already
printed for a customer who was doing a mailing and saw several squads
of roaches roaming around inside a couple of boxes with eggs
everywhere. They eat the glue on the envelopes. I think print shops have
a harder time controlling roaches than a restaurant. I always buy the
self-sealing type. Or if need be, I use a glue stick to seal one that has the type of glue
that needs to be wet to stick.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON, TO YOUR FRIENDS. After reading this you will
never lick another envelope or stamp ever again.

Have a nice day & keep your tongues where they belong!


At 4:30 AM , Blogger ASDF said...

Its rather old to put this.. but a hoax stays as a hoax, no?

At 4:28 PM , Blogger Melvin Lee said...

Alright another hoax solver...Good job :)
Getting one email hoax at a time..


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