Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Zunishu Sdn Bhd - Scratch & Win Scam (Malaysia)

Becareful...I saw the same complaints made in Edisi 7 too.
Dear Colleagues and friends,
Lately there has been alot of reports on Scratch & Win scams on the rampant. The "salesmen" are usually youngster in their teens or early 20s from outstation (as they seem to only be able to speak Mandarin going around handing out envelopes and coupons. They are very persistent and speak very fast in order to confuse you. Their usual spots are banks (to pounce on victims who have just withdrawn money), hypermarkets, and even petrol kiosks. Recently they have been spotted in the open car park in front of Menara Milenium, so please beware when approach by suspicious individuals handing envelopes and coupons to you. Below is an account of what happened:
In January 2006, I have been approached by a female and a male (both Chinese) in front of Southern Bank Bandar Puchong Jaya, at around 5pm. I was told that in conjunction to the opening of their company, Zunishu Group, in IOI Mall, they are giving away "scratch and win" coupons, and I was urged to accept one. Upon opening of the envelope, I was told that I have won the grand prize (only 50 out of 100,000 coupons distributed) and stand a chance to win a Perdana V6, a Kancil, a 29" Plasma TV, a Massage Chair or a Jaguh Motorcycle. In order for me to collect my prize, I must go to their office at Techligent Sdn Bhd at 9-1, Jalan 1/114, Kuchai Business Centre, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. At their office, I was approached by 7-8 people congratulating me on winning this "grand prize" and started explaining to me that I have to first agree to be featured in the congratulatory ad in the newspapers. Then, they proceed to explain that there is a need for me to "share" the advertising cost with other winners. I was showed all the ads of the previous winners, and articles about their contests which seem very authentic, there was even one ad with Pensonic and Sen Heng mentioned as co-sponsor in the ad). The condition is, I have to pay RM3,899 before I get to scratch my coupon in order to know what is my prize. At first I was very uncomfortable about having to make a huge payment, and hesitated profusely. The supervisor then produces a letter that states that they are guaranteeing the prize will definitely be one of the five claimed. I negotiated that amount and they finally agree upon RM1,000 first, and the balance can be paid later. In return for my doubt, I was given a handheld massager as warranty which I can return later (unused) when I pay up the balance of RM2,899. I swiped my credit card for this transaction (amount RM1,000) and upon scratching my coupon, discovered that I have won a Diverse Massage Chair, which they claimed worth more than RM7,999. When I left the place, I called a friend to check on the company name, and sure enough, there were lots of stories on the Internet about this scam. I went back to confront the staff, and I was told that it is not their company's policy to refund customers. As there was no point in arguing with those guys, I immediately called my credit card company to cancel the transaction, but unfortunately the customer service officer told me that there is nothing the bank can do, and I can only cancel the transaction only if the vendor agrees. Alternatively I can file a dispute form only seven days later, from date of transaction, in order to kick off an investigation. I lodged a police report that same evening and another report at Consumer Tribunal the next day. When they received the notice from Tribunal court they called me up to "negotiate" my refunds. They very arrogantly told me that they have a panel of legal advisers on this matter, and they are confident that I will not get a full refund and infact the court might not even take my case seriously. I insisted on the full refund and proceeded with the legal procedures. After two weeks, I was granted a hearing at the consumer court, and as the defending party did not turn up for the hearing, the judge awarded me with a full refund. Unfortunately these guys still refused to pay up, and I have to file a case with the Magistrate Court, which takes more than a month for processing. By the time another hearing is made, etc, etc, they would have closed down the company and open a new one to continue their "services". It is very sad that eventhough there had been more than 11,000 cases reported, no action can be taken against these guys as they have covered themselves in all legal loopholes. It is even sadder that they are recruiting youngsters from all over to do this inmoral business. Below are some of the companies names they have used and addresses
9-1 jalan 1/114 kuchai business centre, jalan kuchai lama,
582000 kuala lumpur
tel/fax 79878320

55-01 1st floor jalan molek 3/1 taman molek
81100 johor baru
tel/fax 3583320

11a jalan medan ipoh 6 bandar baru medan
31400 ipoh perak
tel/fax 5487608

9-1 1st floor jalan prima 7 metro prima
52100 kepong kuala lumpur
tel/fax 62509969

15 jln 3/62a bandar menjalara
52200 kepong kuala lumpur
tel/fax 62776227

9-1 lrg batu nilam 3b bandar bukit tinggi
41200 klang selangor

136-1 jalan besar batu 8
52100 kepong
tel/fax 62756854

85-2 jalan metro perdana darat satu taman usahawan kepong utara
52000 kuala lumpur
tel/fax 62577164

24a jalan prai jaya bandar prai jaya
13700 seberang tengah butterworth
tel/fax 3970228 e-mail goldpri@streamyx.com

59a jalan prai jaya 3 bandar prai jaya
13700 seberang prai tengah
tel/fax 3998733

126-2 jln persiaran sultan abdul hamid kompleks sultan abdul hamid
05050 alor setar kedah
tel/fax 7711268

23-1 jalan dm2 millenium business centre
70200 seremban n.s.d.k
tel/fax 7677079

5-1 & 5-2 jln puteri 2/5 bandar puteri puchong
47100 puchong selangor
tel/fax 80617228

87a 1st floor jalan kenari 20 bandar puchong jaya
47100 puchong
tel/fax 80766026

168a jln raja uda pusat perniagaan raja ss uda
12300 butterworth penang
tel/fax 3329010

Please pass this warning on to as many people as you can to warn them from falling prey to this scam.


At 5:49 AM , Anonymous Strawberry said...

The saddest part is recently when these conmen companies went around fooling the flood victims off their money! This has really gone too far and has Malaysians no conscious afterall???? Why scam these poor flood victims? Some people pass judgment easily and say "padan muka" to the scratch & win victims because these people are greedy!

However, what about the flood victims? Definitely they are in dire need of cash and being conned into believing that they only need to pay RM50 as processing fee in order to win RM1,000 has got nothing to do with greed! It's all about having to cope with their losses and to meet with their family needs. Therefore, the victims were willing to take the risks. The conmen companies are capitalizing on the situation of the victims!

And yet tourists say that Malaysians are nice people, hospitable, friendly bla bla bla.... is it really so nowadays? What has happened to the society?


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