Friday, September 22, 2006

Stay Back Late At Work? (Beware!)

Be forewarned and please be doubly, even triply cautious whenever there is a need to stay back late at work. If at all possible, leave the plant early when there are still people around. Better yet, if there is still work that must absolutely be completed by that day, bring it home! Just heard about a rape case at a multinational company which just happened. The victim is married with kids, she worked till 11pm. Security guard raped her in the toilet. She managed to escape and drove herself to the hospital. Next day, the other employees was shocked to see the condition of the toilet. Blood and her hair everywhere, and all the brooms and mops were broken. The police later came and arrested the security guard, who still reported for work the next day. However, they manage to cover it up, didn't come up in the news or anything. I can't imagine how many such cases have been covered up in Malaysia.(This is a sad reality) Please girls, don't put your life in danger by working late or being negligent. You can never be too careful nowadays. Malaysia ranks number 2 in crime against woman.


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