Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Been Cheated during Matta Fair Penang 2006

Be careful if you plan to purchase or already purchased a tour package during Matta Fair Penang 2006. My friend has fully paid RM2.2k for a ground package to the an agent registered under Super Oriental Holiday Sdn Bhd (SOH ) which scamp agent already closed during last month end (July). Closed almost a month after Matta Fair, PISA Penang. The agent is:- SUPER ORIENTAL HOLIDAYS SDN BHD 195A 1ST FLOOR JALAN IMBI 55100 KUALA LUMPUR The news also published at China Press on 4/8/06, whereby a report lodged by a guy who has paid RM3.6k for his China trip. Due to the newspaper did not disclose the name of the cheating tour agent, my friend still not aware about the bad news until she called the agent on 15/8/06 . Been told by the Penang agent (PIV at Pesara King Edward Road, Penang) that Super Oriental Holiday closed due to their directors absconded. PIV reluctant to take any responsibility on this even though the yallowed Super Oriental to make promotion at their counter during Matta Fair, PISA Penang on 1st & 2nd July 2006 . My friend did confirmed with manager of Matta Penang, Super Oriental did not register with them, PIV is the sole exhibitor registered for the counter (1st counter right after entrance). HOW WOULD CUSTOMER KNOW PIVIS NOT A RELATED COMPANY TO SOH? CUSTOMER WOULD APPROACH THE EXHIBIT OR BASED ON THE BOOTH NAME- PIV. More terrible thing was the manager of Matta Penang told my friend that they would not take any action as this is not their obligation to do so. They are solely an organiser, what's the product sold during Matta they would not Take responsibility. Matta fair seem not filter the agent and even Ah Beng Ah Seng agent also can set up a booth in Matta Fair. PIV asked my friend to check with Matta, then Matta asked my friend to check with PIV......(no ending) Pls forward to those you know before they become the next victim in Matta Fair.


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