Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Anaconda Swallowed A Man Whole!

Thumb drive from China (Cheated!)

Be careful when u buy a Pen Drive...... This is the pendrive that my friend purchased from Beijing, China last month........... cannot be used and asked me to help him to take a look at it...This is what you get a so called 'Pendrive'......??????? Can you believe it ???

Snatch Thieves in Malaysia New Technique (Must Read!)

After few incidients, KL is not a very safe place to stay...

Please pass this very important news to all your loved ones especially your wife, girlfriend, other, sister and relatives. It happened few week ago as I was walking along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng on my way to KLCC for lunch. As I was walking I was being approached by a nicely dressed gentlemen who lost his way. He had a very good conversation and he speaks a very good command of English telling me he came from Australia and looking for Australian Embassy. As I was showing him the direction from KUM Buildings to Australian Embassy as we walked he asked me to hold his jacket as he was holding a stack of files in his hand and that the phone was ringging. When we almost reached the Australian Embassy the man snatched my handbag and ran to the car in front of Phileo Avenue bus stop. Only then I realised the gentlemen is actually a snatch-thieves! In my handbag it contains my ID, House key, car key, credit cards, driving license and a few identification items. I went and made a police report immediately and I was told that everyday there will be at least 1 case. Right after the police report, I called my husband and told him about the incident. He came and pick me up after working hours so that we can quickly get a new pad locks and change all the locks at home. When we reached home at about 8pm, our house was broke in and there were no sign on forced in. The pad lock was unlock and was left on our dining table, and our main gate was opened nicely. We lost about RM2,000 cash and jeweleries. We have spend a few hundred buck to get all the new locks. Friends, please do not leave your car key, house key and any identification in your handbag because you don't know when are these people going to snatch your hand bag. Just few days ago, I received my credit card bills and to my surprised the snatch thieves spent RM5,000! I hope my incident will save more people from becoming a victim!

Pent House in True Sea Bar Malaysia (Girls are HOT!)