Monday, September 11, 2006


1. Pump More Here & Pump Less There
Don't wait until your car senget one side before inflating your tyres. Low
tyre pressure forces your engine to work and drink harder. Driving on
underinflated tyres also reduces the life of the tyres. A lose-lose

2. Dig Your Nose
Digging your nose is more economical than gunning your engine while
waiting at traffic lights. Jack rabbit starts cost you even more. Never
floor the pedal unless there's an express bus looming in your rearview
mirror. Learn how to accelerate (and brake) smoothly for better fuel

3. Pay It Again Sam
You may be using an alternative toll-free road as a sign of protest or as
a means of saving money. If the the old route is perpetually congested and
longer, you may end up burning more fuel than the toll saved. Sad but
often true.

4. Go Look Stop
Are you one of those who frequently get stuck behind a stalled vehicle,
crash into road humps or potholes? If you look further than 3 meters while
driving, you can better anticipate obstacles and avoid fuel guzzling
start-stop situations. Good reason not to tailgate too.

5. Make Up Your Mind
I don't know if it's kiasuness or indecisiveness that makes people drive
with the other foot riding the brake pedal. A slight touch might not be
noticeable to you but it strains the engine, wears out your brakes
prematurely and confuses the poor driver behind. Make sure your handbrake
is down all the way too.
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6. Get Rid Of Freeloaders
The less passengers the less weight. The less load the better the fuel
economy. If you want to car pool, pool the cost. Clear your boot by
removing unutilised items like golf sets, prams, barbecue sets, scuba
gear, etc.

7. Bear With Crow Shit
Park your car under the shade wherever possible. The hotter your car
interior becomes, the harder the air-conditioning needs to work later, the
more fuel the engine consumes as a result. The hot sun also increases fuel
loss through evaporation.

8. Stay Safe & Save
Fuel consumption jumps dramatically after a certain speed. Keeping to the
speed limit saves you more than traffic fines. Driving at 120 kph, rather
than 100 kph, may increase fuel consumption by another 25 percent. The
dangers of speeding far outweigh the travel time saved.

9. Get A Life
Stop pissing off your neighbours in the mornings and do yourself a favour.
Most modern cars have no chokes or carburetors, so there's no need for
long, noisy engine warm- ups. Hard revving a cold engine kills it faster
than driving it.

10. Let The Bugger Go
There's no need to catch up with an offending driver just to show a finger
or fist. You end up either paying more for fuel or a hefty hospital bill.

11. Learn From Your Mistakes
If your wife or girlfriend says she needs to pop into a warehouse sale for
a quick look-see, find a parking spot and turn off the engine. Long idling
wastes fuel and pollutes the environment.
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12. Don't Be A Drag Queen
Remove that empty showoff roof rack or that ugly ill-designed Ah Beng spoiler as it causes unnecessary drag. Smoking with your windows down at cruising
speed also increases drag. Newer cars (except the Juara) are aerodynamically designed for fuel efficiency. Stop adding
unnecessary external accessories such as jutting elbows.

13. Meter The Meter
Keep track of your car's fuel consumption by monitoring the odometer or
tripmeter. A sudden drop may mean mechanical problems. Timely oil change
and other maintenance can save you significant amount of fuel.

14. Try A Different Nasi Lemak
All petrol are the same except for the additives and advertising. Contrary
to what most Malaysians believe, you can mix your fuel. There's really no
need to waste fuel by driving out of the way just to fill up your
favourite brand and redemption card.
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15. Get A New Boss
Use online banking or find a better employer. Stop driving to an ATM every
hour just to check whether your salary is in.