Thursday, September 14, 2006

Motorcyclist Rollover by Trailer (Malaysia)

Please be extra careful on the road. Road Accidents happen! I wouldn't want to be in this state if I were you.

Recycled Hairband from China (Beware!)

These Hairbands are made using used condoms and threads. I wouldn't use them if I were you!

Molested by Clinic Doctor! (Malaysia)

Dear Friends and Everyone,

I would like to call all your attention here in order to help me to spread this news. Yesterday 5th May 2003, my girlfriend when to this clinic ( Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Lim at No. 19, Jalan 11 Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 KL) to see doctor for not feeling well (fever,flu and headache) at 1.30pm. At first the doctor (Name: Doctor Lim Sheng Chio) has done the standard check up for the fever and flu, then when my GF tell him that she also have headache and stomachache he asked lay on the bed for further check-up. Upon on the bed he use his right hand to slide in into her shirt and under her bra (this is a hand to breast situation without removing her shirt and bra) and start to press her breast in another word I can say is molesting. The way he press isn't the way to check anything!!!! then my GF ask whether what is he checking he reply that he is check on her lung pressure. I must say all this while there is no nurse attend this check up, in the standard procedure whenever a doctor check on his patient a nurse must be present to witness all this. Instead the nurse only sits at outside the nurse counter. After he press her breast he start to go lower to the abdomen part where my GF had an appendix operation removal last year. My GF start to feel a bit pain when he press on the operation part and sound the doctor for a pain. Later he start to slide his hand further down to her private part without removing her pants and panty. He start to slide up and down for a second and my GF start to ask him what is he checking and his reply also check her lung pressure. On my opinion is a way to check the lung pressure???? After that he ask my GF to turn to side and his left hand again slide into he private part while his right hand feeling on her thigh. Immediately my GF ask him to stop. Anyway my GF was a bit scare and didn't do anything at that time and take the medicine and left the clinic straight away and call me. After heard all this from my GF, I when to the clinic at 6pm after work and ask him whether did he molest one of his patient this afternoon and he reply he seen many patient this afternoon. He ask me what is her name, I was very angry and shout at him why should he touch her private part. Immediately he reply he only pressing her abdomen, how do he know whom I'm referring to???? this is a question. I shout at him again whether he did it or not but he insist he didn't?do it. Later I when to the police station and lodge a report for his act. I will also make a repot to the MMA ( Malaysia Medical Association) Attn to Dr. A.Raja Mohan.Tel: 03-40420617.