Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pissed Resignation Letter (Offensive!)

Dear Sir,

With immediate effect, this will confirm my fucking resignation with your fucked up company. I have accepted a lucrative position with a Company where being a bitch is not a job prerequisite for managerial skills.I am looking forward to my new position and the challenges that await me, unlike when I worked with you ass holes. My last day of work willbe when you realize I came in the night before and cleaned out my desk,including all the stationery supplies I requested and received last week.(haha!) I've deliberately left lots of undone shit for the new fucker, not forgetting the ongoing projects I never completed. I'm certain your dumb ass will never figure out what's happening. Once the company finds out that you don't know a damn thing, they will not only fire my replacement butyour ass as well.Please feel free not to say a damn thing to me should you see me on thestreets, unless you want your ass kicked. My experience with this Fucking company has been very unrewarding. I appreciate having had the opportunity to use you as a stepping stone to a better future. I wishyou and the organization not a fucking thing. Fuck you very much till your18 generations!My worst regards to you and your bitch-ass mother-fuckers!

Insincerely Yours,
Mr. Tiu Nya Sing

Cross Your Legs (Hazard!)

Just for the sake of those who do not understand Chinese:
With reference from the attached pictures, for those who often cross their legs when sitting down for a longperiod of time, 3 unhealthy things will happen to them:
1) Their backbone tends to become "C" shape.
2) They will have neckaches and backaches on one side.
3) For ladies, their shoulder will tend to slant one sided causing their bra strap to slip down the slantedshoulder.Office gals who cross their legs, please take note!