Monday, October 16, 2006

Keep Watchful Eyes On Your Credit Card.(Malaysia)

Keep watchful eyes on the cashier who swipes your credit card and be alert of your surroundings. This is how cashiers earn quick money when swiping your cards. My dad just got back from a business trip and was buying boxes of chocolates from one of the candy shops in KLIA. There was a long queue on that particular night and my dad noticed that everyone was using their credit cards to make payment (probably because they didn't have much ringgit with them after coming back from their trip abroad). When it was his turn to pay, the cashier claimed that there's a problem with his card (HSBC cc) and asked whether my dad had another card with him. My dad took out his Standard Chartered cc and passed it to him. The cashier managed to swipe the card and passed the receipt for my dad to sign. After leaving the shop, my dad didn't feel right because
He realized that there was no problem with the card before his flight back to KL
Even if it was the machine's fault that the card could not be read but how come the customers before him didn't have the same problem?
A few minutes after the purchase, HSBC called him up and enquired whether he purchased something from KLIA on that day and he said yes. Usually banks would only call if you made a purchase of RM1000 and above but my dad only bought RM150 worth of chocolates. He then realized that probably the same thing appened before in KLIA itself. How they work is, the cashier would pretend that your card can't swipe but actually the card was swiped already. They then take another card of yours to swipe again for the same purchase so you will not suspect anything. When the next customer pays by cash, the money will go into their own pocket and the amount you swiped earlier would actually cover the purchase of the other customer. By the end of the day, you would have 2 credit card statements coming to you requiring for you to pay twice for the same purchase while the cashier is busy enjoying his extra bonus thanks to you. RM150 is a small amount if it's from only one person but if 10 persons make a purchase of RM150, the cashier would earn at least RM1500 but do you think there would be only 10 customers on that day? And do you think that all of them would spend only RM150? That is how they earn fast cash instead of going through the hassle of faking credit cards and risk getting caught. My dad called up the KLIA officials and made a complaint after calling Standard Chartered informing them about the incident. One of the KLIA officers kept calling him the next few days. It was quite odd, because the officer actually asked if they both could meet up because he wanted my dad to pass him some documents to file the report. My dad insisted that he would only fax to them what they need and should they need his signature (which is a must in normal prosedures), he said he would only do it at the police station. The reason why my dad insisted on not meeting up with him is because, who knows what the officer MIGHT do to cover up the incident? Irregardless of PR purposes, this is a fraudulent case that should be handled by the proper authorities, and the officer should have acted responsibly and hand it over to the police. So credit card holders out there, be more alert when using your credit card.