Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Car Accident at exit Kajang (Malaysia)

Speed is cool! Thats why I loved The Fast and The Furious! Well I sped on the road but who cares anyway! My friends loved the way I drive and they think I am cool. So I did that drift thing like the DK guy from the Honda that left his brain in the car after his car crash and wow what a crash we had! It was so exciting that we came out from the car wreck and saw a friend of ours got burnt to death in the car while we squat there crying. It was breath taking! It was great excitement. Amazing experience! You should try that too. Too bad we wore seat belts, it would have been fun if we would have flown out of the car as well. Oh well. Great Stunt!

ps: Speeding and acting cool is pure stupidity! Trying to impress the girls won't get you anywhere if she has one of her friends overcooked in the wrecked car! Not worth it! Please if not forthe sake of your own meat! Please do care for others too!