Monday, December 24, 2007

Car Robbery Cases! (Malaysia)

be extra...extra careful ....


After shopping in 'Macro' Shah Alam, a couple was pushing their trolley to their Pajero. The husband went ahead first to get their Pajero. He was reversed the vehicle to where his wife was standing and came out to help the wife load their purchases at the back. While doing so, a guy quickly rushed into the vehicle and drove it off. We saw the wife shouting and running after their vehicle whilst the husband just froze from shock. Shortly after regaining his senses he too joined his wife in chasing after his vehicle but finally had to give up cos the Pajero has sped off… They reported the incident to the Macro's security… but there was nothing much they could do…


For your safety have a look at this danger point when stopping at petrol stations. A couple in a Honda Civic stopped by a shop in TTDI. The husband went down to buy a packet of cigarettes at the counter. Whilst in full view of the husband, 5 male Indonesians jumped into the car and drove it away with his wife in it…. She was seen screaming and the husband was shouting but it was too late... they have driven off with his car and wife.

Similar reports are heard everyday...we certainly have to be more cautious.


Another area reported by taxi drivers is the KLCC Suria complex. Make this known to all your friends… especially ladies BEWARE!

A good friend of mine lost her handbag, a few thousand ringgit and all her important documents in it while she was filling petrol at a service station near Tabung Haji recently. The handbag was at the back seat and her car was locked. She went to pay for petrol before filling it (self-service) not realizing and knowing that someone was trying! to open the back door while she was away at the counter. When she came back to her car no one was there and did not notice that the back door was already unlocked. Just when she was about to fill the tank, a guy appeared, coolly opened her rear car door and took her handbag and ran off on a waiting motorcycle nearby. My friend was hysterical but everything happened so fast and the two thieves escaped. A police report was made… and can you imagine, my friend's case was the 78th case in that area reported to the police for that week alone and most of the victims were ladies.

Well, even when you lock your car doors, something like this still can happen… what more if you had left it unlocked....So, take care.


This incident happened right in front of USJ Taipan McDonalds on a Saturday nite (17 April). Two armed guys got into the car trying to abduct a lady and her car .. she managed to put up a fight with them and the guys then try to push her out of the car... She was dragged on the road with one of her leg out of the car for more than 200 meters… finally they took her in the car !!

They threatened to KILL her.. but somehow or rather she managed to escape !


A man was kidnapped and taken away with his car on Thursday nite!! The incident started when a car rammed into his car from the back. He was flagged to stop to talk about the accident, when he stopped his car....four guys went straight into his car with parangs. They blindfolded and took him with them. He was taken to an isolated place ...where managed to escape with some struggle .He was badly injured by parangs when he put up a struggle. Pray for God's protection on all of us.

So please be very careful when you drive alone… Keep your doors lock whether you are in a public area or in isolate place as it can happen... to YOU !!!!!! . There bad guys are waiting for victims for their next strike…………………………every single seconds.

The sad truth was that ... while there were many people in USJ Taipan who saw the first robbery.....nobody really bothered to help…!! So please help yourself first, lock your car doors at all times!! And be constantly ALERT!!

Don't wait for incident to happen it is too late to regret………………..

Its a desperate time right now for robbers……… based on the news you hear or read daily.

So please be careful as the saying goes……………prevention is better then cure!!!!!!!.


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