Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reward for Rejecting Bribery! (Malaysia)

The Police are smart, we must be smarter, spread this news around so that we don't get arrested for trying to bribe.

This is just a gimmick by police...they will tahan u...then ask to pay bribe RM30...then when u giv they will catch u for bribing them...after that they get RM 100...see how businesses are done...

In a Newspapers article , a few days ago.

They are raising rewards to police to RM100 for reporting bribes made to them. So if u think u can get away with a bribe

Of RM50 for a traffic offence, better think again. Cash reward for cops who arrest anyone trying to bribe them.

KUALA LUMPUR: A cash reward of up to RM100 and a letter of commendation will be given to police personnel who arrest anyone who attempts to bribe them. Acting Inspector-General of Police Datuk Musa Hassan said the reward would be for Traffic, Criminal Investigations Department and Narcotics Department police personnel. He added that the reward was to spur policemen to uphold the integrity of the force. "The reward offer is also to let our men know that we appreciate them for their honesty and loyalty. "We also hope to inculcate in our men that accepting bribes is a very serious offence and

does not pay," he added. In Kuantan, Pahang police chief Datuk Ramli Yusuff said the cash reward would be double the bribe offered and up to a maximum of RM100. Ramli told Bernama that the reward would be paid after the person who offered the bribe had been charged and the case concluded in the courts.

"I will personally hand over the reward to the police personnel concerned," he said, adding that the incentive would be paid from the Pahang Police Fund. Earlier, at the monthly parade held at state police headquarters, Ramli said L/Kpl Bakri Pandak Ahmad of the Kuantan traffic police was rewarded with RM100 last month for arresting a man who had offered him a RM50 bribe.

After Losing 180KG