Friday, July 04, 2008

How TNB Cheat the Public Money! (Malaysia)

Do you check you TNB bill? Just check how much to pay and how many

used is no enough......

Do you compare the Meter reading on section 'DAHULU' (Red circle)

with previous month?

In this case, the April bill on DAHULU section is 29128, SEMASA is

29380. After paid the bill, the problem come.... The May bill come,

the DAHULU section by right should show 29380. BUT NOW, it still

29128 same per last month.

If we don't compare with last month, frankly, I had HAPPILY paid for

the bill and TNB had HAPPILY got the extra RM72 from me. At last,

the TNB shareholder got smart dividend from our hard earn money.

Due to this bad service....I plan to change service provider.

Opps...there is no alternate service provider. The alternate is buy

your own generator, use candle...I guess no one will go for the

alternative service provider....

So... please check your bill and compare it month by month. Our PM

always try very hard and tell us we have to very SMART SPENDING &

MUST compare....... His motive is very good. Cause he knew that

something will happen and lot Giant company might use a VERY SMART

way to COLLECT Money from general public. Thanks to our great

PM......I really compare the price always.....and notice the

brilliant idea from TNB. I am not sure it is mistake? But I don't

think is human error...

Now, better part is, this is computer error. If you don't discover

this, then you pay for the EXTRA (this case, we got to pay extra

RM72.80). If you notice the problem....easy, just refund to you, BUT

do you know how time consuming and trouble to get the refund? Why

their mistake is our cost? why there is no compensation on their


The BEST part, how many people know they are actually, happily OVER


When TNB officially want to increase the unit price....everybody

jumping and compliant. How they going to get extra and no people

complaint? This is an art....

This is the evolution of TNB billing system.....let the computer

system do the mistake....and the mistake MUST FAVOURABLE to the


Come....we should proudly said : Malaysia Boleh, Cause we really



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