Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brutalised in Bangsar (Malaysia)


CCTV camera records Mat Rempit attack

VIOLENT crime in progress: These pictures tell how 14 Mat Rempit ganged up to beat and rob five women during an early morning fuel stop in Bangsar.

A CCTV surveillance camera captured the attack on the three sisters and two of their cousins at the Shell petrol station in Jalan Bangsar.

Traumatised, they have vowed never to go to a petrol station again after dark.

Twelve young thugs, on six motorcycles, were said to be 'hovering around the station' while a pair on another motorcycle filled up as the women drove in about 3.30am on Saturday.

They were on their way home after a function in Puchong. Sisters Uma Munusamy, 33, Chittra, 32, and Latha, 31, were to drop off cousins Ragas Letchumanan, 28, and Komala, 20, at their Bangsar home when they decided to stop for fuel.

They drove up to a pump at the station. Latha went to the window counter to pay, while Chittra, who was driving, got out to fill up. That was when the Mat Rempit, who had been noisy and boisterous, moved in, as if acting on cue.

One thug attacked Latha, splashing a can of 'Red Bull' energy drink on her face. The sweet-sour liquid stung her eyes, temporarily blinding her as the thug pushed her down, hit her with the drink can and snatched her gold chain and handphone.

Another three dashed to the car to attack the others.

'We were in fear. We thought that we had been splashed with acid, as the liquid they threw on our faces really stung,' said Uma, recalling the attack.

The women screamed for help, but none arrived. The petrol station workers were safe and sound, inside the premises, where the doors had been locked at midnight.

'The workers just stood there, watching,' said Latha.

At the car, the Mat Rempit ordered the girls to hand over their valuables and handphones.

One of them just couldn't wait. He yanked Uma's gold bracelet off one wrist and at the same time snatched the handphone she held in the other hand.

Despite fearing for their lives, the girls put up a fight, trying to prevent the robbers from getting away with their belongings. The scuffles only led to injuries, but fortunately, minor ones.

Ragas was hit on the head several times, while Chittra sustained injuries on her neck and right arm, besides suffering an injury to the lower lip. She was then beaten up with a soda can.

'The whole incident really traumatised us but what was worse was the fact the workers did not even bother to help,' said Uma.

This is one nightmare they do not ever want to experience again. And, for them at least, no more filling up fuel at night, or stopping anywhere either during the wee hours. Their total loss: RM3,000 in cash and valuables.

The five made a report at the Brickfields police station soon after recovering from the shock of the attack. Police said they are investigating, and have yet to identify the culprits.

The women also expressed their frustration over the Mat Rempit menace. 'So much has been said, so much anger and frustration has been expressed over these motorcycle thugs... but yet they seem to be having a free run,' said Chittra.

Their only hope is that justice will be done, that the CCTV images captured by the surveillance camera will lead to arrests and conviction.


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