Monday, January 14, 2008

Warn ur Girlfrends: Redbox in Pavilion (Malaysia)

I went to Redbox in Pavilion for a happy karaoke session with my dearest girlfriends. It was a happy occasion as we were celebrating 2 birthdays, 1 good news, Christmas and new year! So it was supposed to be a happy happy happy occasion. But this happy occasion turned out to be a sad and embarrassing occasion. What happened was, one of my girlfriend went to the toilet and came back yelling! She sounded like she has seen a ghost! Indeed, she saw something terrible! The toilet reflects images on their shiny black floor! She witnessed what the girl in the toilet was doing.... Use your imagination... what we all normally do when we're in the toilet and sitting on the toilet bowl. She can see every details...from the colour of her blouse to her skirt to the pattern of her underwear.... Also not to mention... whatever she was doing inside... can be seen .... by everyone that walks pass the toilet.. there is no outside door... just beads curtain covering the entrance to the toilet...

Then we make a huge complaint to the management... believe me... it was a huge and big complaint... not to mention serious and embarrassing as well. The lady supervisor told us that she didn't even know about this situation and that she has been using the toilet herself for many times.( this is not possible as it is a very obvious mistake) She was also trying to make excuses for the situation. Later, a guy whom we assumed is the manager came to our room and here's the conversation;

Manager (M); I'm so sorry about what happened. We have asked the designer to re-design the toilet but he has not came back with the design. So we also tried to put beads curtain and cloth but it fell down. It is something that we cannot do anything about. I'm so sorry it happened.

Us (U) ; Well, if you already know about this then why not close the toilet and not allow anyone to use it????? Then this embarrassing situation will not have happen!! What we do inside the toilet is very very very personal and I cannot emphasize on how PERSONAL it is, u know??? And now it is seen by...who knows who has walked pass the toilet while we were inside!!!! GAWD!!

(M); Yes yes....We tried to put a mat on the floor but the mat smelled of wee wee all the time, so we had to remove it. Don't worry, we have cameras and I can assure you that nothing has happen! I cannot change what had happened, why don't I buy u ladies a round of drinks? Beers? Soft drinks?

(U); *silence* (we cannot believe he's trying to buy us drinks to keep our mouth shut! And CAMERA?? Those people who seen something would have just looked....enjoyed....and now at home having wild imaginations!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously he's now trying to hide their asses!!)

(U); We know you cannot change the situation but at least u can do something about it now. Lock the toilet and don't let anyone else use it!

(M); yeah, we will try to do something about it. Beers? Soft drinks?

Half an hour later, our drinks arrived. One hour later, we found another poor victim using the toilet.

So please let all your friends know about this and prevent them from going to this place.

*There's 2 photos attached which shows the toilet. See how obvious the reflection of the toilet bowl is from the outside? I took the photos from the walkway...**

Beware of these FLip Flops from China

This is very true I heard it in news from one of our local radios here that our govt has to be extra careful on these cheap imports from china especially clothes because the Chinese are using some strong but cheap chemical in their manufactures. Cheap is in- expensive and at the same time fatal.