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Malays, the enemy of Islam?!?! (Malaysia)

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Malays, the enemy of Islam

Posted by Raja Petra
Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yes, let us all go to the Kuala Lumpur High Court at Jalan Duta on 17th and 18th January 2008 and take a good look at the defenders of the dignity of Islam, those 'moral police' who arrest Malay girls and boys who work in discos and then photograph them in the nude and then demand sex as out of court settlement.

Raja Petra Kamarudin
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If you really, really have nothing to do with your time, then you should attend the noonday Friday prayers at the mosque and listen to the imam lament about the enemies of Islam who all have an agenda to destroy Islam. If not, then don't waste your time. Do something else instead.

Yes, non-Muslims are the enemies of Islam, according to these imams, and they are all united in their effort to 'kill' Islam.

Actually this is not true at all. The enemies of Islam, at least in Malaysia, are the Malays themselves. The only thing is the Malays are just too bodoh (stupid) to realise this. Malays say that there are two types of bodoh. One is bodoh sepat -- you pretend to be stupid but are actually very devious. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would probably fit this bill. He pretends to be bodoh but is actually very crafty. The second is bodoh sombong -- you are actually very stupid but are too stupid to realise that you are stupid and think you are very clever.

Most Malays fall into this category of bodoh sombong.

On 17th and 18th January 2008, a case is going to be heard in the Kuala Lumpur High Court. I was told this is the new courthouse near the Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque along Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur. A woman is suing the Malaysian government, the Federal Territory Religious Department (JAWI) and RELA (a volunteer paramilitary force that is infamous for extorting immigrant workers of their hard-earned money), plus one or two other Malaysian government agencies. Karpal Singh is the solicitor for the plaintiff, which promises to be a very exciting case indeed considering Karpal is known to take no prisoners.

It seems this woman, a Muslim, was arrested during a 'vice raid' on a certain disco in Kuala Lumpur. She was an employee of that disco and, according to the 'rules', Muslims are not supposed to work in any establishment that sells liquor. So, for that 'crime', she was arrested together with about 16 or so other Muslim men and women.

Now, when the authorities issued the disco its licence, it was not stipulated anywhere in that licence that any establishment selling liquor is prohibited from employing Muslim staff. If this is the law then certainly our national airline, MAS, would have to retrench all the Malay staff and employ only non-Muslim Chinese, Indians, Portuguese, Dayaks, Kadazans, etc., because MAS serves liquor. Not only the cabin crew would have to be sacked but the entire staff including the ticketing staff, administration staff, accountants, managers, board of directors, and so on, would have to go.

The 'haram' ruling would not only affect those directly involved in serving the liquor on-board the flights but anyone whomsoever even remotely linked to the organisation. I mean, the 'criminal' is not only the stewards and stewardesses who serve the liquor but anyone who may be 'collaborating' with the stewards and stewardesses to make it possible for the stewards and stewardesses to serve liquor on-board the flights. So, those who sell the tickets and those who check you in and those who handle your baggage and those who usher you to the plane and those who sit in the office to count the money and those who sit in the boardroom to conduct meetings, and many more, are 'partners-in-crime' and would also have to leave the organisation.

If you drive the car that the bank robbers used to rob the bank you too would be arrested for bank robbery although you just sat in the car and did not walk into the bank to rob it. If you lent the bank robbers the car that they used to rob the bank then you too would be arrested for bank robbery although you did not follow them to the bank but just stayed home. If you lent the bank robbers the guns they used in the bank robbery you too would be arrested for bank robbery although you did not follow them to the bank but just stayed home. If you gave the information to the bank robbers on when and how they should rob the bank so that they can maximise their takings and make a successful getaway you too would be arrested for bank robbery even though all you did was just offer them information and did not actually take part in the robbery.

Yes, all of them would be regarded as being part of the bank robbery ring even though their only role was to assist the bank robbers in pulling off a successful bank robbery and did not actually take an active part in the robbery and were not even there.

So, are Muslim waiters and waitresses who work in discos committing a crime? Yes, according to the Federal Territory Religious Department who arrested 17 or so Muslim staff who were working in a disco in Kuala Lumpur. And all except one pleaded guilty and paid the RM400 fine. One, however, decided to sue the Malaysian government, the Religious Department, RELA and two other government agencies for RM5 million. And Karpal Singh is handling the case.

According to the police report that this Muslim woman made, which is the basis of the suit, she plus all the others were handcuffed and placed in the police truck. After some time she needed to answer the call of nature and requested permission to go to the toilet. However, they refused to allow her to go to the toilet and asked her instead to just pee in the truck.

This woman could not hold her bladder and had no choice but to pee there and then. Her colleagues helped guard her modesty by placing a scarf in front of her so that she could at least have some privacy. But the RELA officers pulled away the scarf and started taking photographs of her peeing, of course with her private parts fully exposed.

In the police station, the men were separated from the women. The women were then taken to a secluded part of the police station and photographed. But they were not photographed in the normal 'criminal' way with their numbers on their chest and so on. Instead, they were told to assume sexy positions -- bend forwards, backwards, sideways, etc. Basically, they were asked to pose in erotic and sensuous positions for the benefit of the cameras, sort of like the centrefold of Playboy or Penthouse, if you know what I mean.

Then the women were told they could avoid getting charged by settling the case 'outside court' in exchange for sexual favours. All they had to do was drop their panties and after a quickie they would be allowed to go home without any further action taken against them.

Actually, this sort of thing is not new. This has been going on for more than 30 years. Why do you think these perverts fall over each other and rush to sign up as RELA guards? And they would drop everything and volunteer their time free-of-charge to participate in a 'vice raid'. Of course, they will tell their wives and children they only have the interest of Islam at heart in arresting 'immoral' Malay men and women who work in discos that serve liquor. Their interest is only to protect the dignity of Islam. Yeah, sure, and I with five children and four grandchildren am still a virgin.

No, if you have free time on your hands don't waste it by going to the noonday Friday prayers to listen to the imam scream, rant and rave about the enemies of Islam plotting against Islam in their secret agenda to destroy Islam. Instead, go to the Kuala Lumpur High Court at Jalan Duta on 17th and 18th January 2008 and hear the case that Karpal Singh is going to argue. Hear how the 'moral police' -- officers of the Federal Territory Religious Department and RELA -- round up women and photograph them nude and demand sex as out of court settlement.

Yes, these are the upholders of the dignity of Islam. These are the defenders of Islam. These are the officers of Islam Hadhari, the new Islam, the invention of Abdullah Badawi. Now do you know why the non-Muslims fear the prospects of Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State? Hey, I don't blame them. If this is the Islam they are talking about then I too fear Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State. I fear my wife and daughter getting picked up by these perverts because they are perceived as dressing too sexily and then being asked to grant these 'officers of Islam' sexual favours as out of court settlement.

Hmm, this reminds me of another RELA officer from Terengganu whom I personally knew who raped and murdered a Malay schoolgirl. They eventually hanged him of course but this did not bring the unfortunate schoolgirl back to life. I suppose after getting horny from photographing waitresses in the nude they need to let off some steam by raping schoolgirls and then murdering them after that to prevent them from talking.

Yes, let us all go to the Kuala Lumpur High Court at Jalan Duta on 17th and 18th January 2008 and take a good look at the defenders of the dignity of Islam, those 'moral police' who arrest Malay girls and boys who work in discos and then photograph them in the nude and then demand sex as out of court settlement.

Someone sent me this piece below. I don't know who the author is but I thought maybe I should share it with you because it best describes what I am lamenting about.

Oh man, I love this country

I called it the land of political absurdity

Full of ludicrousness amid stupidity

First in the pipeline is Mr. Badawi

The country's fifth Perdana Menteri

Hailed from notable ulama's family

In that spirit he created a new Islam Hadhari

The so-called modern Islam resembling Turkey

Some touted it as Islam Ada Hari

When the original Islam turned awry.

He loves to travel in style like big celebrity

Making grand entrance in any opportunity

So he insisted a private jet paid by Treasury

He got it despite hullabaloo by bloggers community

He said the government didn't purchase it out rightly

The government is leasing it from SPM, a GLC

For him, this is a good strategy

By doing that he thinks he can save money

Oh yeah, he thinks people believe his story.

Perth seems to be his favourite city

Last December he opened Nasi Kandar Puteri

And then went on sailing trip with Todt of Ferrari

Back home worst flood hit Johor Kota Tinggi

17 died and 90,000 evacuated in that tragedy

But yet, the jet setting PM was outside the country

He might use remote control key.

Badawi has son-in-law by the name of Khairy

He married Badawi's daughter Nori

Recently both blessed with the baby

That has longest name in the country

I can only remember the last name, Khairy

This young chap is Pemuda Umno deputy

Claimed to have "protection" from Mr. Badawi

Has a big wish to be PM by age of forty

So he is gathering support from Putera and Puteri

At the same time accumulated wealth aggressively

Through ECM Libra and some crony

Media was at his helm through NST

Now he has potent tools – money, media and machinery

And his father-in-law alias Perdana Menteri

Meanwhile Hisham is putting up a new strategy

His keris wielding attracts flak of Malay supremacy

It backfires especially to Chinese community

His reasoning draws conclusion that he is puny

Najib is not convince Hisham to be his deputy

Najib may consider a big mouth Nazri

Provided that Rosmah is okay to work with Nazri

You know why lah, Najib takut bini.

We don't have to elaborate the story

You have to come here to enjoy the absurdity

We have quite a few funny ministers and MP

Such as hilarious Work Minister Mr. Samy

Before Hindraf he represents Indian community

The longest serving minister that heads MIC

In press conference he got agitated quite easily

When Umno conference was held on Deepavali

He said no "open house" as sign of hostility

He twisted the decision maybe after talking to Indrani

This MIC leaders share similar trait and personality

The latest one was Cameron Highland MP Mr. Devamani

He has broken ranks with fellow BN MP

When he accused government not doing enough for Indian community

After meeting with BN Whip, he regretted and say sorry.

Let me continue my story

Well, you probably have heard it already

About the biggest anti-government rally

Not exactly same scale as 98 Reformasi

On Nov 10 more than 40,000 flooded the city

To protest unfair election practice against EC

Dirty ruling party tactics are legendary

Short-notice on Election Day is customary

Just a day before Pak Lah was basking in glory

In annual affair of UMNO general assembly

Full of hypocrisy and puji-memuji

Pak Lah shouted it loud "don't challenge me"

Despite threats and warning from Pak Lah and Khairy

People are defiant and take no heed from Badawi

They chanted God is Great, Daulat Tuanku and Reformasi

November is a month of illegal assembly

School holidays thus parents are quite free.

The rally was given wide publicity

The rally was headlined in Al Jazeera and BBC

Foreign media questioned our brand of democracy

Water cannon and tear gas were fired indiscriminately

Umno leaders are in denial state naturally

Such as Zam who head the Info Ministry

Zam was trembling uncharacteristically

In an interview that becoming laughing stock in the country

Scrambling for words and chew out frantically

He can't censor it as we are in digital technology

You can just Google or YouTube easily.

Well that is one example of political absurdity

What do you expect from half past six menteri

Some are in complete ignorance and dreary

Some will resort to unthinkable publicity

Giving broom as reward never in history

Some will slaughter cows in parliament for kenduri

To celebrate the matrimony of our own Sleeping Beauty

Another stupid joke by backbencher MPs.

You can't find this in your country

A journalist like Michael Backman will agree

So many things to write for your Daily

No wonder he keeps coming here for juicy story

Malay tabloids prefer to write about ghost and celebrity

That's saleable among ordinary

Maybe they got sick of constant spat by political party

They prefer to idolise people like Siti or Mawi

Do you think they care who is their MP?