Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latest Method to Cheat in EXAM

Have you ever cheated in your exam?
How do you do it ? Ever get caught ?

1. Type out your notes in the computer

2. Make sure to resize the font size 6

3. Print out the notes with your own printer

4. Make copy of the note using "toner based" photo copier

5. Stick a layer of transparent adhesive tapes (eg:Scotch Tape) on the copied notes

6. Cut them into strips according to the size of the adhessive tape

7. Soak the strips in cold water

8. After a few minutes, peel off the adhesive tape from the paper carefully

9. You will be able to see that your notes have been transfered to the tapes
10. Dry the adhesive tape so that it will become sticky again.

11. If you are so lucky to have a clueless teacher, you may just bring the adhessive notes into the exam hall and stick it directly at the answer sheet

12. Altervatively, you may have to stick it on your pen before you go into the exam hall

13. Or you may also stick it on your drink

Good luck on your exam !