Friday, February 15, 2008

Close Shave LRT Station Taman Jaya (Malaysia)

Last night (14th January 2008), I left the office quite late and
took the LRT back to Taman Jaya Station where I parked my car in the
opposite parking area. Arrived at the station about 9.45pm. I
normally park below the stairs where it was quite far from the
caretakers of the area. While walking towards the stairs to get to
my car, I noticed a guy in the shadows about 20 meters away... He
seems to be talking on his mobile phone (even though I couldn't hear
him say anything as it was quite a distance) but at the same time
watching me. And.. I was alone. So I looked away and increased my
paced. Then when I made a side glance, he was running down the slope
in parallel where I was walking down the stairs... So I started
running towards my car too! I rushed in the car, slammed the door
shut and pressed the door lock... As soon as I did that and looked
up, the guy was pulling at my passenger's door trying to open it but
couldn't because my car had the central-lock system. You lock the
driver's door and the other doors gets locked.

He knocked at the window and kept showing me his mobile phone... As
if he needed to borrow my mobile phone..(who la wanna lend you
his/her phone at this stage?!!) I waved my hands and said
no-no-no... (Not sure why I even bothered.. but I guess I panicked)
But thats when I looked directly into his eyes. He's a young malay
dude in his late twenties (not sure about the age..) Had a
mustache... Looks like a decent guy, fair, clear complexion.. no
scars on face.. Slim.. about 5ft 6" wearing tracksuit top zipped up
to his neck. His eyes does not look like he needed money at all...
it was something else. Something not right..

He walked towards my drivers side window and started doing jump
kicks to smash the window break. He did that a couple of times while
I was panicking to start the engine and reversed. Thats when I just
sped off. I did not even report this to the caretakers of the
parking area. Not sure if I could trust them either because of
previous forwarded mails I read on other complaints there. I had no
idea where's the nearest police station and I had no evidence except
for the shoe marks on the driver's side window. What can I say to
the police? It felt really stupid... so I sped off home instead.

The few things that kept me from harm:

1. Pure luck...

2. I took out my car keys at the LRT station instead of rummaging my
bag for it when I reached my car

3. I was on alert and ran even before he started to chase. Paranoia is good

4. I practically charged into the car and pressed the door lock.
Might have dropped my hp cover and water bottle somewhere along the
way... But what the heck...

Things I should have done:

1. Honked the car all the way to A&W (next to the LRT station)

2. Ask for help to go catch the guy. Since I know exactly how he
looks... People should be able to help

3. Dialed 999 for the police straight away after I left the car park

Thanks for reading this. Lesson learned here is to STAY ALERT ALWAYS.

Would be glad if you could forward this to anyone who drives alone.

I'm sorry to say this but I think the guy might still be loitering
around that car park on certain nights.

And I bet this is not the first case of anyone being ALMOST attacked.