Saturday, December 05, 2009

Poverty in Cambodia

Today to talk about is the "poverty." What is poverty? Are now able to see these pictures to friends, and perhaps these two words have been forgotten. These pictures are in Cambodia in Phnom Penh Song trifoliate orange dump shot, this area of approximately 40 hectares of place, every day from the city shipped 900 tons of garbage every day there are a few to up hundreds of people living in poverty line The following scavengers scavenging in this order, and even in peacetime living in the garbage dump on the edge, many of them many children. They have a monthly income of about picking up litter in exchange for a mere 10 U.S. dollars.

Here, the adults of the children fear is not a health issue, health problems, compared with the problems with these, they are more worried about trucks transporting garbage, because garbage blocking the vision of drivers, cars will hit the child, because this has already occurred similar incidents. While these scavengers has also been a number of charitable organizations to help, so that some children have food, but this can only be regarded as utterly inadequate.

Even so "poor" plight seems surprisingly difficult to sustain because the Government has to close the current landfill Song trifoliate orange, the new garbage dump will be relocated to new premises. Only do these scavengers is also relocated to a new garbage dump, because it is the only way in which they live.

Hope that today allow us these pictures of "poverty" have a deeper understanding, even a trace of memories, a trace of sympathy, a trace of fear, a trace of satisfaction, a trace of welcome .


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