Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poor Aussie Koalas In The Heat!

As you may know the state of Victoria in Australia has a serious drought and now a fire. An old friend who lives there sent me these photos of Koalas. I believe they are normally very timid and keep away from human folk but thirst is changing their attitude.

Carolyn Patrick found this very thirsty koala on her front lawn at Beaumont . "We must have given him around 15 cans of water before he had enough," she said.

Michael Manuel and his wife used a soup ladle to feed this koala in their yard at Upper Sturt .

Gerry McAndrew photographed this koala taking a big risk to get a drink at Belair.

You gotta keep cool when it's boiling outside.

Richard Voros has been looking after this koala during the heatwave.

Advertiser photographer Tait Schmaal captured humans giving this koala a helping hand near Anzac Highway .

Julie Bent says this blinky bill was feeling a little dozy.

Sue Phanos of Rossdale Homes says this friendly fellow is a regular visitor to their chemical-free water feature at Fullarton.

Randy Sletvold says this koala was raiding his family's dog bowl.